Introducing: Rustic Designs Gift Shop

As I hike, inspired by the beauty of nature around me, my mind is always spinning with artistic and crafty ideas. Birch is my favorite type of tree because its unique color and pattern stand out against all other hardwoods. Large slabs of birch bark hang dead off trees, and I can’t help but collect it. I have recently begun painting this birch bark with bear silhouettes, and most recently – a colorful mountain scene.

When I saw a fallen birch tree in the woods behind my house in Maine, inspiration struck. I sliced the log, drilled holes in the resulting thin cylinders, and cut bark to size. My rustic hanging decor pieces were born! Whether ornaments on the tree or hanging in windows all season round, they will brighten any room. I hand-painted each ornament, so they are all unique. With different trail-inspired designs on the front and back, there are no two of the same.

I have opened a new tab on my blog website for the gift shop in order to share my latest trail art with you all! Stay tuned, because I have lots of new ideas and am excited to continue to create.

Handmade Moose Ornament

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